“Since Frontier Charter Academy is a rural school on the eastern plains of Colorado, it's so important that we have the availability of a place where we can get great refurbished computers at a great price. We would be lost and most likely would have to close our school doors without their service.”

Carolyn Gardner

IT Director, Frontier Charter Academy

Calhan, CO

“As an accidental techie in the role of IT manager at a nonprofit, the higher level of service that C3 provides is essential to me. I trust C3 to advise me on what our organization really needs and they are able to provide me with a complete solution that is ready to go. We have been buying computers since 2009 and there is no one like C3 in the area.”

Karen Hada

Operations Director, YWCA Boulder County

Boulder, CO

“We have saved a significant amount of money through partnering with C3. It has enabled us to provide computers for a team of close to 20 on a very limited budget. The result is that we are able to direct more of our dollars to program expenses and we've been able to reduce our fundraising needs.”

Seth Ehrlich

Executive Director, SOS Outreach

Denver, Summit County and Eagle County, CO

“C3 has helped us keep up-to-date technologically, at a price we can easily afford, for our staff and volunteers. C3's staff is knowledgeable, pleasant, very helpful and generous with their time and energy. We would be in quite a bind if not for their work.”

Evan Perkins

Operations Director, KGNU Community Radio

Boulder, CO

“When CCJRC was first starting out and our budget and tech knowledge were limited at best. C3 was always there with guidance and assistance and equipment that we could afford. It's also been my experience that hundreds of organizations feel the same way – people always talk about C3 like they are their own secret super tech organization and share it with others like it it's a gift. I honestly don't believe we would be able to have accomplished all that we have without their help.”

Pamela Clifton

Communications Coordinator, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

Denver, CO

“While refurbished equipment is available elsewhere, having a provider in the local community is imperative. Having worked with providers out-of-state, not only is the shipping cost a challenge in some cases, but the lack of customer service and attention to detail really makes it quite hard. With at least 3 nonprofits we've been able to reduce the IT budget by 50% or more. These funds have gone back into expanding the scope of the project, or back to the main mission of the organization thus leaving a much healthier non profit.”

Dan Taylor

Co-Founder, Collaboration Lab

Denver, CO

“Jared Polis introduced us to C3 several years ago and our school has benefited from our association with this wonderful organization ever since. We are a small non-profit school in Wheat Ridge, CO and do not have a large budget for computer equipment. Because of C3 we have been able to offer our students a computer lab with up-to-date equipment. We also have several C3 computers in our office for staff and school meeting business.”

Connie Cook

Senior Staff/Fundraising Coordinator, Alpine Valley School

Wheat Ridge, CO

“I know when I buy from C3, there will be little to no follow-up concerns and if there are, they will take care of them. They do not pass on inferior equipment and stand behind their product. The money saved by purchasing from C3 has gone directly to supporting our programs and services. ”

Lisa Searchinger

Executive Director, Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement – H.O.P.E. for Longmont

Longmont, CO

“Support and security updates for Windows XP ended in April 2014 and ALL of our computers were running XP. Our challenge was to replace approximately 40 computers while not spending much money. Thanks to C3, we were able to replace the equipment for less than $5k. I am fairly confident that this replacement project would have cost over $10k without C3."

Suzanne Crest

Director of HR, Longmont Humane Society

Longmont, CO