About Us

Community Computer Connection (C3), an official Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, has provided access to technology to many Colorado communities since 2000. Over the years, Community Computer Connection has refurbished and distributed thousands of computers to schools and nonprofit organizations.

Community Computer Connection receives donations of computer equipment from local corporations, organizations, and individuals. We fully refurbish them for charities, schools and low income families. The computers we refurbish come complete with licensed Windows operating systems and additional software. The computers are used to establish or upgrade community technology centers, improve administrative operations, and support programs that award students a computer for completing technical training.

Team Members

Ryan McDowell - Co Director

Tech nut and establish member of C3 for over a one and a half decades.

Shawna Soffa - Co Director

Translator of "Tech Nut" to English to help the community select the right equipment for their tech needs for over a decade.